Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Vacation

This past weekend we got to take our kids to Lagoon and the Hogle Zoo. Eric's work paid for all the employees and there families to go to Lagoon...Awesome I know :) although Sam is still to small to ride any rides and Maycee gets scared really easy and I wouldn't be able to ride any rides being pregnant and all, we decided to give it a try. Eric and Maycee went on a bunch of kiddie rides, and Maycee ended up really loving it! It was so fun to see her screaming and scaring all the other little kids ha ha. Her and Eric had a blast together which was also fun to watch:) He is such a good daddy.
We were only there for a few hours because the kids got exhausted, but it was still fun. On our way out of the park Eric decided to try one of the games to see if he could win something for the kids... He found the "hole-in-one" game and sure enough on his first try he won a huge pink bear for Maycee that she loves soo much. He tried again and got a little dog for Sam..What an awesome Daddy!

We ended up getting a hotel in Bountiful so that we could go to the zoo the next day. The kids loved the know how kids are they love any place new..Maycee had to go to the potty in our room about every 5 min because it was "so fun" ha ha oh 2 year olds. The morning we enjoyed an awesome continental breakfast at the hotel which included eggs sausage and waffles... I was a very happy pregnant lady:). After breakfast we headed to the zoo, we were excited to find out they were promoting Tillamook cheese so if you happened to be wearing orange you got discount tickets..well it turns out our stroller is orange so they gave us the discount anyway! Maycee and Sam loved to see "real life" animals that were like their toy ones but huge and alive! There were so many people we were unable to get any good pictures of the animals but we got some with the fake animals.

 Yeah right like I was going to get them to both look at me when I was taking pictures. A smile would have been nice in ONE picture ha ha. After we visited most of the animals we decided to eat some lunch. While we were eating lunch the sun decided to come out and fry of the tires on our stroller was sitting in the sun and slowly expanded and exploded..crazy I know! So we then decided to head back to ride the train then head home, but, while we were walking back it started to down pour! yes and we were clear on the other side of the park....we finally made it to the train and it was closed due to the rain and seeing how it wasn't going to let up anytime soon we decided to head home. Our poor exhausted kiddos fell asleep before we left the parking lot. We had lots of fun and plan on doing something like this every year.

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  1. I just looked at all your updates and Wow I thought I was bad! haha jk It's just more fun when you have tons and tons to blog about, right? ;)
    So cute!! And fun!! I can't wait for that baby to come!