Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Family Vacation

This past weekend we got to take our kids to Lagoon and the Hogle Zoo. Eric's work paid for all the employees and there families to go to Lagoon...Awesome I know :) although Sam is still to small to ride any rides and Maycee gets scared really easy and I wouldn't be able to ride any rides being pregnant and all, we decided to give it a try. Eric and Maycee went on a bunch of kiddie rides, and Maycee ended up really loving it! It was so fun to see her screaming and scaring all the other little kids ha ha. Her and Eric had a blast together which was also fun to watch:) He is such a good daddy.
We were only there for a few hours because the kids got exhausted, but it was still fun. On our way out of the park Eric decided to try one of the games to see if he could win something for the kids... He found the "hole-in-one" game and sure enough on his first try he won a huge pink bear for Maycee that she loves soo much. He tried again and got a little dog for Sam..What an awesome Daddy!

We ended up getting a hotel in Bountiful so that we could go to the zoo the next day. The kids loved the know how kids are they love any place new..Maycee had to go to the potty in our room about every 5 min because it was "so fun" ha ha oh 2 year olds. The morning we enjoyed an awesome continental breakfast at the hotel which included eggs sausage and waffles... I was a very happy pregnant lady:). After breakfast we headed to the zoo, we were excited to find out they were promoting Tillamook cheese so if you happened to be wearing orange you got discount tickets..well it turns out our stroller is orange so they gave us the discount anyway! Maycee and Sam loved to see "real life" animals that were like their toy ones but huge and alive! There were so many people we were unable to get any good pictures of the animals but we got some with the fake animals.

 Yeah right like I was going to get them to both look at me when I was taking pictures. A smile would have been nice in ONE picture ha ha. After we visited most of the animals we decided to eat some lunch. While we were eating lunch the sun decided to come out and fry of the tires on our stroller was sitting in the sun and slowly expanded and exploded..crazy I know! So we then decided to head back to ride the train then head home, but, while we were walking back it started to down pour! yes and we were clear on the other side of the park....we finally made it to the train and it was closed due to the rain and seeing how it wasn't going to let up anytime soon we decided to head home. Our poor exhausted kiddos fell asleep before we left the parking lot. We had lots of fun and plan on doing something like this every year.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July

Nothing too exciting happened for us on the 4th. Eric actually won tickets on the radio to the Stadium of Fire, but we had to pick them up in Salt Lake and would have had to find a babysitter.. we didn't want to dump our kids off on somebody and ruin their holiday so we decided not to go. Instead we ended up fixing a big sink hole in our front yard :( . That night Kristen, Spencer, and Van came out and had a BBQ with us. Good food + good company = a good time. Because of all the fires going on in Utah, most cities decided to ban fireworks... and Santaquin just happened to be one to ban them.. sad times. Although they said no fireworks they didn't say we couldn't do a fire in our fire pit so that's just what we did :) all in all it turned out to be a good day.
 Above: I actually got both of them to look at the camera!
Below:Maycee and Eric enjoying the fire
 Below: Van is lovin the kisses from Maycee

 Above: My expressionless boy

 Above: Love that happy boy Van :)
Below: another expressionless picture from Sam(shocking)

What we have been up to lately

At the end of April we had a family reunion with all of my family, even Josh got to come! We all went and camped down in Moab and got to visit Arches. It was so fun to have the family together. Here are some pics...
 (above) Dead horse point
 Delicate Arch

 Lunch time...everyone is pretty worn out

 On the way back from Landscape Arch Sam fell asleep on Grandpa's back holding onto the collar of his shirt for support :)

For Memorial Day we went up to Chester, Id with my parents to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Bowman. It was a pretty quick trip but it was so good to see them. We had our annual trip to Porters visited some graves and Sam even learned to walk that weekend(which made his Great Grandma so proud because it was at her house) sadly we didn't get a lot of pictures.. we did get some of Maycee and Sam with all of the big stuffed animals though..

With a lot of work and a lot of help from family and friends we got our sprinkler system put in and our sod down! We are so happy to have a yard!
 Above is our front yard
 above is our side yard/ garden
above is our back yard
 Above is everyone helping lay the sod. Below Sam found a hole to climb in :)

Here are some pictures of the kids just being kids.
 Crazy Sam being silly

 Apparently our table is really comfy... Sam falls asleep here a lot!
 He also falls asleep while he is watching movies and Maycee always makes sure to bring him some babies to sleep with so he wont be alone(so thoughtful) 
 Don't let that calm face fool ya...
This is really what she is like! :)

 Maycee helping Sam wash his hands 

I thought it would be lots easier to just post a bunch of pictures to show you what we have been up to. Sure hope it wasn't too much.

Baby #3

Wow it has been quite some time since I have updated the blog! So, just to catch up a little....We are expecting baby number 3 in September...we decided that we wanted at least 18 months between Sam and our next baby, and not knowing how long it would take me to get pregnant we stopped trying to prevent it....Well it didn't take long ha ha ha I guess it is was just meant to be :)(Sam and this baby will be almost exactly 18 mnths apart) I have not thrown up at all with this pregnancy so I feel very blessed. It is very exhausting to be pregnant while having a one and two year old but, Maycee is at the stage where she can help me out a lot and Sam is pretty low maintenance so we are getting by just fine :) We decided to not find out the gender of this baby since we already have a boy and girl, we already have everything we need. It  makes me more anxious for this baby to get here not knowing what it is! I feel so very blessed that we have two healthy kids already and so far a healthy one in my belly. Being a mom is the best thing! I love my little family and I am so grateful it is mine forever! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunny Days!

 We are so excited for springtime! Maycee and Sam love being outside and so do 
Here is my cool chick Maycee in her daddy's hat eating some Mac n' Cheese

Sam just chillin

Maycee decided to ditch the spoon so she could eat fistfuls instead 

 Maycee then decided to plant some macaroni trees